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Telecom and Mobile

Development of solutions for the telecom industry. Experience in implementation of the 4G LTE standard protocol stack. Development of specialized compilers. Experience with ITU-T standards. Vulnerability testing of telecom solutions.


TECHNOLOGIES: 4G, LTE, 3GPP, ITU-T standards, ASN.1, XSD, C, C++, Java, Python, Embedded Systems, Linux.

Big Data and Machine Learning

Proprietary solutions to handle large amounts of unstructured and structured data. Cluster computing. Choosing the most applicable algorithms and using them to solve the customer’s business tasks.


TECHNOLOGIES: Big data, Machine Learning, MapReduce, Hadoop, R, NoSQL, Scala, HBase, Spark, Phoenix, Python, NumPy, SciPy.

Web Development

Web applications design and development.


TECHNOLOGIES: Play 2 Framework, Node.js, Apache, Django, Angular, TypeScript, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Scala, Java, Spring Framework, Python, PostgreSQL.

The Internet of Things

Development of energy saving systems, “smart homes”, tracing objects’ geo-locations, and other systems that integrate various sensors into a unified network.


TECHNOLOGIES: Raspberry Pi, 1-Wire, PIC microcontrollers, Java, C, Python, MQTT, HPE IoT Platform, oneM2M, PostgreSQL, InfluxData, Django, MS Azure, Apache.

Computer Vision Systems

Development of computer vision systems, including the use of machine learning methods. Detection of the presence and exact position of objects in the video frame. Development of video surveillance systems, including remote control of cameras. Work with various types of video cameras and thermal cameras.


TECHNOLOGIES: Qt, C++, C, OpenCV, Machine Learning, IP video, DirectShow, GStreamer, H.264, MPEG4, MJPEG, RTP, RTSP, RTCP.

Network Technologies

Solutions for network and IT infrastructure monitoring. Implementation of various network protocols. Solutions for network traffic analysis.


TECHNOLOGIES: С, С++, Java, Python, Protocol Buffers, ASN.1, SNMP, WMI, TCP, UDP, Qt, libcurl.

System Programming and
Low-level Programming

Development of libraries, code generators, parsers and drivers. Software programming for embedded devices, microcontrollers and sensors.


TECHNOLOGIES: C, C++, Embedded systems, COM port, USB, TI MSP430, PIC microcontrollers, Raspberry Pi, 1-Wire.

User Interfaces

Design and development of user interfaces for standalone Windows and Linux applications, Web applications and native Android applications. Read more

TECHNOLOGIES: Qt, С++, Angular, Angular Material, TypeScript, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Android Studio, Java.

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