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Network Monitor

A Project Example

A ProWide Labs proprietary solution for IT infrastructure monitoring, distributed networks, Internet traffic, websites, servers, databases, etc. This product is easy to customize and is intended for both - professional system administrators and PC users.

Industry: Information Technology

Customer: ProWide Labs is the owner of this project’s idea, design, implementation and sales.

Users: System administrators. Various IT departments. 

Product description:

A proprietary ProWide Labs product for network monitoring intended for various enterprises.

Covered functionality:

  • Allows the user to immediately receive alerts about the failure or poor performance of a particular service (email, application servers and databases, routers, web sites, etc.). Notifications are sent in the form of SMS, email, pop-up windows, etc.
  • Provides visual analytics on the IT infrastructure, service or network.
  • Automatically performs specified actions, such as restarting a service or starting a backup service, upon the occurrence of certain conditions.

To find out more details about the product visit www.iphostmonitor.com.

This product is already used by hundreds of corporate customers globally. It is constantly upgraded and supported.

Technologies and standards:

  • С/C++, Qt, InstallShield, WinAPI, Windows Services, Apache HTTP Server, SQL, libcurl.

Development environment:

  • MS Windows as a development platform, but the product allows you to monitor devices and services running under a variety of operating systems.
  • MS Visual C++, Qt Creator

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