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Financial Big Data Processing and Using Them in a Web Application

A Project Example

The ProWide Labs team took active part in a large project devoted to big data in the financial sector. These data flow into the system in real-time mode throughout all Russian territory. Development of a Web portal with a customized “customer area” that supports thousands of users. 

Industry: The public sector. Finances. 

Customer:  A large Russian enterprise 

Project description: 

The ProWide Labs engineers took active part in large system development that processes a large amount of financial data flowing into the system from all regions of Russia.

To display this data to the user, specialized web applications were developed, one of them is for individuals, the other is for organizations. 

The Web applications work under high load - they are used by hundreds of thousands of visitors, and the functionality consists of more than 100 web pages:

  • Authorization and authentication including via social networks
  • User management
  • Data display, including multi-layered hierarchical form
  • Data search and filtering
  • SQL query optimization
  • Business process implementation
  • Third party document exchange integration
  • Integration with the Federal Tax Service
  • Google.Analytics and Yandex.Map integration

Our development team provided the full cycle of software development while adding new functionality:

  • Architectural design of new functionality
  • Backend development and its unit-testing
  • Frontend development and its unit-testing
  • System testing

The ProWide Labs developers were also responsible for the tasks related to Big Data storage and processing (noSQL databases, distributed computing on a cluster, etc).

The implemented system is available 24*7*365 for hundreds of thousands of users throughout Russia.  


  • Backend: Play 2 Framework, Scala, Java
  • Frontend: AngularJS, JavaScript
  • Workflow engine: Activiti
  • BigData technologies: Hadoop, HBase, Phoenix, Spark, MapReduce, Scala
Project size:
  • 2 years, 6 developers 

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