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Firmware Development for Drilling Rig Microcontrollers

A Project Example

Development of firmware for microcontrollers used on drilling rigs.

Industry: Oil production

Customer: A Russian division of an international oil&gas technology company.

Module description: Firmware for microcontrollers that get data from sensors and send these data to flash memory. The microcontrollers were intended for the prototype of a drilling rig. 

Project scope:

  • Getting data from sensors - accelerometers, pressure and temperature sensors, gyroscopes, magnetometers, strain gauges.
  • Exchanging commands and data between the microcontrollers via SPI
  • Recording data to the flash memory installed in one of the microcontrollers 
  • Implementing a PC application for reading and decoding data stored in the flash memory 

Technologies and standards:

  • Texas Instruments MSP430 microcontrollers
  • RS-485, SPI interfaces

Development environment:

  • Programming language: C
  • Development frameworks: IAR Workbench, LabWindows
  • Doxygen documenting system
Project size:
  • 24 000 lines of C code
  • 5 months, 2 developers

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