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Monitoring of Oil Well Parameters

A Project Example

Software for monitoring oil well parameters: reading and processing data from probes.

Industry: Oil production

Customer: A Russian branch of a global oilfield service provider.

Module description: Software for an embedded system for reading, logging, and processing data from probes.

The embedded system runs Linux. Measuring controllers are connected via the RS-232 interface. An external USB flash-drive is used to accumulate data. 

Project scope:

  • Design and development of the following features: hot-swap of the USB flash card, reading data from the RS-232 port, processing and logging data, event detection.  
  • Implementation of a probe emulator. 
  • Preparing test design and testing.

Technologies and standards:

  • The RS-232 standard (serial port), USB

Development environment:

  • Programming languages: С/C++
  • Compiler: gcc/g++
  • Operating systems: xLinux, RedHat Linux
  • Framework for unit testing – CppUnit
  • Doxygen documenting system
Project size:
  • 9 000 lines of C++ code
  • 3 developers, 3 months

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