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A Product Line for Telecommunication Protocols Using ASN.1 and XSD

A Project Example

The project scope covered development of ASN.1 Tools - specific compilers and libraries for the telecommunications industry. The implemented solutions are intended for telecom software developers, helping them accelerate and simplify the development of telecom equipment and services.

Industry: Telecommunications and mobile

Customer:  An IT company, software development for the telecommunications industry (USA).

Application areas:

  • IP telephony and wireless networks (GSM, 3G)
  • Satellite communications (Aeronautical Telecommunication Network)
  • Network management (X.500, SNMP)
  • Voice over IP (H.323 stack)
  • Cryptography and data protection (PKIX, X.509, PKCS 7)
  • Billing protocols (TAP3, RAP)
  • Telecommunication equipment manufacturers
  • Network service providers

Product details: Development tools (compiler and libraries) for software engineers in the fields of telecommunications - (ASN.1) and XML solutions (textual and binarized XML, Web Services).

Project scope:
  • Development and support of the existing ASN.1 product line - compiler and libraries for C, C++, Java and C#.
  • Development and support of a new product line - XML and Web Services frameworks for C, C++ and Java based on the ASN.1 compiler and runtime.
  • Software porting to general-purpose OS’s and embedded systems.
  • Development of an IDE for editing of ASN.1 syntax, its verification and compilation in C, C++, Java, C# code, decoding of BER, PER, XER data and their convenient display.
  • Documenting, customer support.
Technologies and standards:
  • ANSI C, C++, Java, C#, Perl
  • The ITU-T X.680-X.683, X.690-X.694, X.891, X.892 standards (ASN.1, BER, PER, XER, EXER)
  • W3C XML, XSL, XSD, SOAP 1.1 и 1.2, WSDL 1.2, WS-Security, HTTP(S)
  • Standards described in ASN.1 and XSD
  • Compiler implementation technologies (lexical analysis, parsing, semantic analysis, code generation and optimization), regression testing
  • Code certification according to international avionics software quality standard - DO 178B / DAL (Level C)
Development environment:
  • Linux/gcc, Windows/Visual Studio, Sun Solaris/gcc and Sun CC, JDK, Perl
  • Integration with zLib and CryptLib
  • Rational Purify, Rational PureCoverage, Valgrind, BoundsChecker, gdb/DDD
  • Qt
  • Using cross-compilers and emulators. Access to 50+ different embedded systems when porting.
  • Independently developed regression testing system
  • SCCS, CVS and SVN as version control systems
Project size:
  • 1.1 million lines of C code, more than 300 thousand lines of Java code, over 100 thousand lines of C++ code
  • 14 years, a 22-developer team
Benefits for the Customer:
  • The customer’s share of the market is 8 out of 10 ASN.1 solution sales.
  • New products were added to the customer’s product line: XML/XSD-solutions, ASN.1/C++, ASN.1 IDE.
  • High performance and the ability to port to other platforms without significant costs.
  • The solution is certified according to the DO-178B, level C, international aviation standard.
  • ProWide Labs was responsible for development and project management so that the customer could concentrate on strategic planning, marketing and sales.

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