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Monitoring Electricity Consumption for Households Using IoT

A Project Example

A solution for households, farmers and other property owners obtaining energy from own sources e.g. solar batteries. It allows analyzing energy consumption data and the financial benefits of using own power sources.

Industry: Power engineering and energy saving

Customer: An IT startup, software development for smart homes (Germany).

Users: Households, farmers, other housing owners.

Project description:

Currently German households are actively using private power sources - solar batteries and cogeneration units that generate electricity and heat from gas fuel.

Our customer was mainly interested in developing a solution that would provide full information on energy and heat generation and consumption using data from the sensors. Another important aspect to cover was financial benefits of using these private power sources.

Tasks implemented:

  • Test bench preparation
  • Studying low-level sensors, implementing code to read their data
  • Database structure design and business logic implementation
  • Design and implementation of a Web application
  • Testing

This solution is now actively used in one of the households for testing purposes.


  • Raspberry Pi, Raspbian OS
  • Wi-Fi and USB data collection units
  • Impulse and 1-wire sensors
  • Backend: Django, Python and PostgreSQL
  • Frontend: Angular, TypeScript
Project size:
  • 3 developers, 2.5 months

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