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An LTE (4G) Protocol Stack for User Equipment

A Project Example

A solution for the manufacturers of telecom equipment that provides standard 4G communication. A stack of protocols was implemented (4G UE Protocol Stack) – the main data transfer module built in phones and LTE-modems.

Industry: Telecommunications and mobile

Customer:  An IT company, software development for the telecommunications industry (USA)

Application areas:

  • The product is integrated into 3GPP LTE user equipment - LTE dongles, smartphones and so on.
  • The product can also be used to create simulators of device behavior in the LTE network.
  • Manufacturers of telecommunication equipment for LTE networks
  • Developers of LTE network simulators

Product description: An implementation of a protocol stack for UE (LTE User Equipment) comprising the NAS EMM and ESM protocols to exchange data with the network core, as well as RRC, PDCP/RLC/MAC, Physical Abstraction Layer to exchange data with the eNodeB (an LTE Base Station). Supports AT commands to control the stack. Highly portable.

Project scope:
  • Design, implementation and testing of LTE UE Release 8
  • Design and implementation of a unit testing system that allows testing each protocol layer in isolation
  • The full implementation of testing for 2 independent platforms was achieved
Technologies and standards:
  • ANSI C
  • The 3GPP, 36.1xx, 36.2xx, 36.3xx, 36.4xx standards
  • The ASN.1 tools because part of the LTE protocols was written using the ASN.1 language
Development environment:
  • Linux, Windows
  • Compilers: Linux/gcc for x86, Windows/Visual C++
  • IDEs: MS Visual Studio, Eclipse CDT
  • Testing: Valgrind, lcov/gcov
  • The Anite Technologies and Rohde&Schwarz host testing platforms
Project size:
  • 200 000 lines of C code
  • 1.5 years, an 8-developer team

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